Christmas Adventure Hints

You can use hints below if you are stuck.

PLEASE NOTE: the hints below are NOT cyphered, so make sure you expand the one that you need in order not to spoil the other clues 😉

Envelope #1

Emojis hint at a fairy tale; identify the item from its title.

Shade all areas with the number eight.

It's the shape of the images that matters, not their meanings.

Little Red Riding Hood.


The images form the word - coconut.

"Move" each gift along the sorting belt, choosing the correct path at the junctions.

The gift route forms letters.

The answer is VIP. Take films with letters VIP and attach to the envelope #2.

Envelope #2

You need information on Partington's letters from Glasgow spanning 1956 to 1958.

In each section, pinpoint the boxes likely to hold the relevant data.

Line up the cabinets to reveal a seamless pattern of the marked boxes.

The answer is KEY.

Envelope #3

Scan the markings and get three characteristics for each letter: colour, size, weight.

Attach the scanner to the outline marking. You need visible symbols.

Colour: Red, yellow, blue. Use the colour mixing rule. Number 1 means that the colour is used, 0 - not. Size: Use the "Envelope Sizes" table to determine the size of the letters. Weight: 1 - Christmas tree, 2 - snowman, 3 - sock, 4 - mitten, 5 - ball, 6 - bell, 7 - star, 8 - cane, 9 - candle.

Letter 1: orange, C5, 8g. Letter 2: green, C6, 3g. Letter 3: blue, E65, 5g.

Check where each letter ends up when sent through the pneumatic mail system.

All the letters were directed to the ninth reindeer.

The answer is Rudolph.

Envelope #4

Assemble all three toys using the parts. Determine what the third toy is.

The answer is ROCKET.

Envelope #5

The letters along the route form the phrase: “Santa's favourite entrance”.

The answer is CHIMNEY.

Envelope #6

Place the stickers in the right places to answer the crossword puzzle questions. Don't forget about the house on the box lid.

Flags: under the shelf with a steam locomotive. Christmas stocking: by the fireplace in the house that is on the lid of the box. Stack of Books: on the bookshelf. Cup: on the chest of drawers next to the blue chair. Star: on the tree in the house that is on the lid of the box. Bucket: on the snowman’s head that is on the box lid. Horse: in the room with a horseshoe and a stack of hay. Rocket: in the room with the moon and stars outside the window. Sleds: in the house with the ski and skate.

Write your answers in the circles, starting at the arrow. 1. Window 2. Candle 3. Cat 4. Orange 5. Cactus 6. Adventure 7. Vase 8. Biscuit 9. Icicle

Make a word by unscrambling the letters in the highlighted circles.

The answer is WINTER.

Envelope #7

Assemble the plywood tree.

On Grandpa's gifts: heart = horse, star = rocket, snowflake = sled.

Set the tree on the spiral from the previous task. Count the specified number of symbols and note the letter in the circle beneath the symbol.

The answer is Claus.

Envelope #8

You need a tree on the lid of the box.

Pierce the bulbs. The holes form a symbol.

The answer is CANDLE.

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